Luton VHF Group - G3SVJ / G2L

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We operated the October 2016 432MHz and up contest from Andy’s bungalow in Margate. We errected antennas for 70cm, 9cm and 3cm and used Andy’s 23cm and 13cm antennas

Latest News

We took part in the October 432MHz and up contest from Margate (JO01RJ). We will were QRV on 70cms, 23cms, 13cms, 9cms and 3cms

Conditions were poor but we manage to make:

82 QSOs on 70cm; 23 QSOs on 23cm;

6 QSOs on 13cm; 3 QSOs on 9cm;

6 QSOs on 3cm

Last Update  3/10/2016